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*Pain Free Laser Fitted Dental Implants

The Ideal Solution For Denture Sufferers & People With Missing Teeth

dental implants guaranteeDental implants are the closest replacements we have for teeth. They are fixed into the mouth like our teeth to help chew.

Queen’s Drive Dental Practice are passionate about providing a fully personalised service and restoring, not only the teeth of our patients but their confidence in their appearance.

Furthermore, we offer appointments that fit around your busy schedule to ensure that you are at ease throughout the entire dental implants treatment process from consultation through to assessing the final result.

Dental implant treatment in the UK has now become the treatment of choice for patients wishing to replace missing teeth using modern dental techniques. They are the gold standard for the replacement of missing teeth, offering a fixed and stable foundation onto which crowns or bridgework can be attached and supported. With care and attention these new restorations look, feel and perform like natural teeth.

Better yet, we are one of only a few practices to utilise a ‘Gentle Dental Laser’ during our implant treatment which leads to faster healing, less swelling and a much more comfortable, pain free experience. 

Why Should You Choose Queen’s Drive Dental For Your Dental Implant Treatment?

⇒ To begin with your dental implant treatment will be pain free during your appointments or your money back guarantee*

⇒ In addition, we guarantee you will be able to eat the food you want with all fixed implant treatments

⇒ All our implant treatments is performed using a gentle laser to improve healing time as well as significantly reducing post operative swelling and discomfort, meaning you can get on with your life straight away

⇒ We can arrange complimentary consultations with our smile advisors, where all options, as well costs and options to spread the payment of your treatment up to 5 years can be discussed

⇒ We work around your busy schedule with late night and Saturday morning appointments available

⇒ We are a fully digital practice with pre-treatment imaging and planning which allows you to see the proposed plan on screen in full before commencing treatment

⇒ Did you know we have our own integrated dental lab for faster construction times for your restorations and we can even offer ‘same day teeth’ options if you are suitable

⇒ Master ceramist restoration construction allows us to create smiles to your preferred appearance

⇒ You are in safe hands. We have experienced implant dentists who have treated hundreds of cases with previous before and after picture available for you to see

⇒ Check us out online. We have hundreds of independent reviews on Google and Facebook, showing previous patients experience of what we do and how happy they are with results

⇒ And finally, we are part of a multi award winning dental practice group, winning awards including Best Practice, Best Patient Care, Best Treatment Of Nervous Patients And Best Young Dentist In Scotland

Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

“I Now Smile With Confidence For 1st Time In Years”

“I cannot thank my dentist and his staff enough for the kindness, patience and professionalism they have shown during my dental treatment. I am truly delighted with my crowns and implants and can now smile with confidence for the first time in years.

I am eternally grateful to my dentist for giving me what I have only dreamed of, the ability to smile without the need to cover my mouth with my hand as I was so embarrassed by my teeth. Thank you so much”

Fiona Ramsay, Carluke

“The End Result Even Better Than I Had Anticipated”

“Any uncertainties I had prior to the treatment were fully explained and a letter then sent detailing each procedure and cost involved. My dentist explained each part of the treatment as it progressed and advised if any discomfort would be felt.

The whole procedure was carried out in 3 months and the end result even better than I had anticipated. The implant fits perfectly and I have confidence that it is secure and a naturally looking tooth.”

Catherine Richmond, Carluke


Your Implant Dentist John Paul Addresses Some Of Your Questions And Concerns…

What A Dental Implant Is And How They Can Replace Missing Teeth

Three Options For Denture Wearers To Restore Your Confidence


You Can Feel Confident With Your Dental Implant Treatment With Our Lifetime Warranty!

Money-Back-Guarantee-Dental-ImplantsIf you are looking for a dentist that provides pain free dental implants, placed using a gentle dental laser and offering a lifetime warranty you are in the right place.

For your benefit can now offer a lifetime warranty option on all our dental implant treatments. You can relax with peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens your implant will be covered, and we can quickly help to restore your smile once again.

As a practice, we have placed 100’s of successful dental implants to help restore patients smiles and their confidence, but in a very small minority of cases the implant may fail to integrate with your mouth. These cases are few and far between, but our lifetime warranty covers you in case of this outcome. Better yet, you are also covered for any accidental damage!

So, Just To Recap We Offer-

  • Pain Free Treatment 
  • Using A Gentle Dental Laser
  • Lifetime Warranty

During your initial complimentary consultation, your smile advisor will run through the warranty in more detail with full details provided in writing as part of your consent process prior to treatment commencing. 

Request Your Free Guide To Dental Implants

We’re sure you have lots of questions about dental implants, which is why we have created a free guide for you to read either online, or we can pop a copy in the post for you.

Patients that have new dental implants fitted to replace their missing teeth tell us how they are now able to chew food again and eat out in restaurants with confidence.  What’s more they have more self-belief and no longer feel the need to hide their smile.

In addition, your complete Dental Implants Guide covers all aspects of your dental health, because we want you to know all the facts and what hidden dangers you may face if you stick with your dentures or missing teeth your entire life.

Request Your Copy Of Our Dental Implants Guide

Request Your Copy Of Our Dental Implants Guide
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The Dental implant process at Queen’s Drive Dental

With careful planning and preparation the procedure is now as routine and straightforward as many of the other procedures on offer today. In fact, most implant patients are pleasantly surprised at the ease with which the treatment is carried out. For patients who may still be a little apprehensive we offer sedation techniques to help relax them throughout the procedure.

Prior to starting your treatment we complete a comprehensive assessment of your mouth, teeth and gums enabling us to provide you with a plan for your treatment needs. Our goal is to restore your mouth to a healthy and stable state.

We use the latest in dental CT scanning technology to provide us with a 3-Dimensional image of your mouth. This allows us to accurately plan your treatment for optimum results.

Prior to treatment starting, we will discuss all the options available to you and provide written confirmation of this along with an accurate assessment of the fees for your investment.


Why Would You Need Dental Implants?

Replace missing single teeth

  • Very often this is a crowned tooth that has had a root treatment with a post/pin holding it in place. With time the post loosens and the root fractures requiring it to be removed.
  • This can be due to the age of the crown, trauma, infection or damage from a strong bite.

Replace multiple missing teeth

  • This can be in one area of the mouth or multiple areas.
  • If several teeth are missing in the one area, bridgework can be supported with implants.
  • If the missing teeth are in different areas, they can be treated and restored simultaneously.

Full arch rehabilitation

  • This can replace all the missing teeth in a single jaw or in both upper and lower jaws.
    Modern advances allow us to provide ‘Teeth in a Day’ which is the Columbus Bridge Technique.
  • This technique allows for implant placement one day and a full set of teeth fixed in place the next day.

Stabilise loose and ill-fitting dentures

  • Patients who have worn dentures for a long time can have a variety of implants solutions to help secure and stabilise their dentures.
  • The implants are placed and a new customised denture is made that securely clicks onto the implants, giving better stability improving fit, feel and function.
  • In the upper jaw this is usually made without the need for a full palate, restoring taste and reducing the uncomfortable feel of plastic in the palate.
  • There are usually 4 implants placed for the upper jaw and 2 in the lower.

Why don’t we give out the price over the phone?


Common causes for tooth loss where implants can be placed are:


  • The crown or root of the tooth is too badly damaged to be saved and the tooth has to be extracted.

Damage to an existing crown(s), bridgework or filling(s)

  • Commonly these cases involve front teeth which have been root treated and have a post or pins to help retain a crown or bridgework. Usually the root of the tooth has fractured and the tooth may also have become infected.

Gum disease

  • The bone supporting the tooth has been lost due to gum disease (periodontitis, gingivitis, pyaria), the gum recedes and the tooth becomes loose and no longer functions effectively.

Infection around a tooth

  • If not from gum disease, the infection is usually caused by a root filled tooth becoming re-infected. This can be discovered when a routine x-ray is taken, the tooth becomes sore or the patient notices a small lump (sinus) in the gum next to the tooth, sometimes with a bad taste or smell too.

Old fashioned dentistry

  • Unfortunately, we hear a lot of stories from patients whose dentist, when they were younger, didn’t believe in fillings, root treatments or trying to save teeth and extracted them instead.
  • This meant a lot of patients ended up getting a denture or bridgework prematurely.
  • Fortunately, most of these ‘traditional’ dentists have since retired and a more up to date approach has been adopted.

In the examples illustrated above, it is very important that professional advice be sought as soon as possible. In the cases where there is infection, including trauma and gum disease, there is the real risk of bone loss in the area requiring treatment.

While this may not prevent implant treatment being provided, additional procedures may be required to replace the lost bone prior to the implant(s) being placed.

This may result in a poorer final aesthetic result, additional fees for the procedures and prolonged treatment times.

Whether you start the treatment straight away, or not, we would always advise making an informed decision rather than waiting till something has to be done.


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Best dentist in Glasgow great team to the secondary make you feel welcome and my dentist Olivia she the best dentist and staff really lovely people down to earth and great at there job Thanks lady's 👌read more
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An Absolute pleasure visiting the dentist now.No fear whatsoever.A friendly professional practice.Olivia and the girls are just fantastic.
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Olivia and everyone at the Practice made me feel at ease from the initial phone call. Like a lot of people a visit to the dentist filled me with fear. Now thanks to Olivia & Everyone at Queens Drive Dental Practice this is no longer the case. It really is Pain Free Dentistry I was put at ease, everything I asked was explained to me, it is a very relaxing place thanks to the staff, I only wished I had known about them years ago, might not have as many grey hairs as I do now. Please don't sit in pain call them, their Great and it really is Pain Free.read more

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